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Fusion 360 - How To Rotate A Sketch - How To Change Views - Transcription

Mar 30, 2020


How to rotate a sketch in Fusion 360.

Hey, this is Tyler Beck with tech and espresso. Let's talk about the rotate sketch command. So first we'll start by editing the sketch and we'll come in, hit the move. Copy. I'll use as key to find it. I'm going to box select my sketch entities. You'll notice there's this drag along the plane or this translate. And then these handles allow us to rotate. You can type in a numeric value here and now we've got it. Reoriented 90 degrees. One tip though. Sometimes it's better to select the entities one at a time, as opposed to the box select I have had the box that could be problematic for me when moving, translating, and rotating just a heads up. Awesome. So that's one way to reorient the sketch. So one thing to keep in mind is you might need to handle a slightly different problem, which is sometimes the views of your model are all wrong, right?


When you import a body, especially the STL file. So if this should be the, you know, like top view and it's the front, then go over and find this orthographic and the pull down and you can reset this, right? So if we want this to actually be our top, it's going to realign. And now we go to our home screen. We go to the front, there's our front view now, right? So nice to be able to reorient the views. If that's what's throwing you off and then you can toggle and jump between your different views.

Fusion 360 - How To Rotate A Sketch - How To Change Views


Recorded video on Fusion 360. The Topic:How to change sketch entities and rotate them.

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