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Fusion 360 Pattern - How to Be Lazy and get more Done

Apr 16, 2022

Today I am going to show you how to pattern in Fusion 360. 

Looking to learn how to use patterns in Fusion 360, whether it is a circular pattern, how to eliminate instances, and edit the pattern.


How to use the pattern feature in Fusion 360

Insert - the pattern feature is pretty simple but there are a few steps to learn.  Use the steps below:

  1. Click Design > Solid > Create > Pattern > Rectangular Pattern rectangular pattern icon.

    The Rectangular Pattern dialog displays.

  2. Select the Pattern Type from the dropdown menu:

    • Faces
    • Bodies
    • Features
    • Components
  3. Select Objects to pattern in the canvas.

  4. Select the Directions to pattern along in the canvas.

    You can select edges, axes, or sketch curves.

    After you select directions, two perpendicular quantity manipulators display in the canvas.

    Select a second edge to change the angle of the second direction.

  5. Adjust the Quantity and Distance values for each direction.

    Use the quantity and distance manipulator handles in the canvas, or enter exact values.

    To create the pattern in one direction, set Quantity for the other direction to 1.

  6. Select the Direction Type control the symmetry of each direction:

    • One Direction
    • Symmetric
  7. If Pattern Type is set to Features, select a Compute Option:

    • Optimized

    • Identical

    • Adjust

      Note: The Optimized setting may cause errors when patterning split features.
  8. Optional: If the Suppress setting is on, uncheck the box for any copies you want to suppress.

  9. Click OK.

The Rectangular Pattern displays in the canvas.


  • In the canvas, uncheck the box next to any instance in the pattern to suppress it. The instance is excluded from the pattern.
  • Uncheck the Suppress setting to turn off suppression for the pattern. The check boxes are removed from the canvas.


 Check out the video and video transcription below


Untitled - 7/29/2022

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